Kelapa Gading, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia,,, Jova Musique, &nbsp;<b>Jova Musique</b> is a music entertainment company which was formally established in the year 2009. Jova Musique was founded by Joshua Arifin and Valentine which both are musician, composer, arranger and music educator. <b>&nbsp;</b> As an Indonesian jazz doublebassist, Joshua Arifin who has experienced playing music since 2005, wants to work and develop music itself, especially in Indonesia. Similar objectives are also desired by Valentine, an Indonesian jazz pianist &amp; drummer. Through their music education in music college, the experiences of playing music at various events, plus the experiences of making music concerts, music festivals and other events, they want to provide good music, good quality and beautiful music by anytime, anywhere the music needed. &nbsp; With all music educations and experiences they passed through, they built Jova Musique as a music organizer which provides music entertainment service for many events like weddings, birthday parties, sweet 17<sup>th</sup>, product launching, reunion party, lunch or dinner party, art galleries, music concerts, music festivals , etc. &nbsp; We provides host, music entertainment with many kinds of interesting music concept. With many professional musicians playing many kind of music instruments, we served musics with the best quality. Jazz, Pop, Classic and any kind of other genres, we can packed all of them to be a beautiful and exciting music. &nbsp; Based on our desire which is to always serve only the best, we provides many kinds of music concepts like acoustic music, jazz combo, strings quartet, chamber music, choir, brass ensemble, woodwind ensemble, traditional music, orchestra, and many more. &nbsp; Beautiful music can make your events more meaningful. So that, Jova Musique will always serve you the best. &nbsp; &nbsp; <b>VISION</b><b> Jova Musique becomes a professional and trusted music organizer and music entertainment. <br /> <strong>MISSION</b><b> Jova Musique always give the bests for our clients. We want to fulfil our clients&rsquo; wishes which appropriate with event&rsquo;s concept. With our professional working system and well preparation, we will build an atmosphere that will give you joy, comforts, and happiness. Serving the best will always be a part of our mission.&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>Music Organizer and Entertainment </b> By appointment only &nbsp; <b>Phone</b> (021) 9877 2038 (021) 9668 7175 &nbsp; <b>Mobile Phone</b> 0878 8573 5546 0878 8573 5547 &nbsp; <b>Email</b>

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